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Fogo de Chao

Brazilian Churrascaria!


Whether dining with friends, family, or your significant other, Fago Chao provides an elegant and welcoming dining experience while serving up some of the best meat in the city. Not only does this Brazillian hot spot have a lush and inviting dining room, set off by inlaid wall waterfalls and glowing stone, but the entire restaurant is very easy to maneuver during constant trips to and from the incredibly well stocked salad bar. Heart of palm, giant asparagus, avacados, sun dried tomatoes, fresh greens, salsa and many more favorites refresh the palate before a never-ending parade of succulent meat begins towards your table.



This is truly a restaurant for the meatlover! From filet mignon to parmesean pork, chicken to tenderloin, the meat is always hot, juicy, and carved from whichever range you like. Offered on spits and carved right at your table, you can go from well-done to medium-rare without a second thought. The hands-on experience of using tongs to guide your meat to your plate, choosing cuts, and helping yourself to the salad bar make for a relaxed and intimate atmosphere, while the soft lighting and outstanding outfits of the staff bring a romantic and culturally charged energy to the meal. Complimenting every course are fried bananas, warm cheese bread, crispy hot polenta and seasoned mashed potatoes.  A favorite drink for all ages is Guarana, a Brazillian soda. Served with a slice of orange and marachino cherries, it adds a sweet tinge to the rich and sometimes spicy fare.


Written by Christina Ramirez - Chicagoan