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Lincoln Park Zoo

A great place to visit in Chicago with the whole family.  With hundreds of animal species to discover, everyone will get a chance to view their favorite.  The Lincoln Park Zoo is open every day and is FREE!



The Big Cats

Right when you enter the zoo you will experience the great cats ouside to your left side.  Depending on time of day and year the cats may be indoors.  The shear size and demeanor of these creatures simply demands your respect.  Lions, tigers, jaguars, cheetas, panthers and more...

*Photograph by Ben Pancoast


From the great cats over to the primates (monkey house) is just a short strut.  Visit the gorillas and chimpanzees.  The gray chest and muscular figure of the gorilla is very impressive.  Be careful not to stare too closely in his eyes! 


Be entertained by the sea lions and seals over in the giant water tank where you can view above or below the water level.  These creatures LOVE attention so laugh and clap when they demonstrate their talents for you! 


More Animals

A few additional animals you may encounter during your adventurous day include: giraffes, meerkats, rhinos, takins, zebras, sloths, trumpeter swans, goats, cows, goats, seals, vultures, elephants, polar bears and more...



See the polar bears swim playfully in the frigid water entertaining the audiences above and below ground!

*Photograph by Ben Pancoast


Kids Favorite!

Be sure to take the children over to the petting zoo where they can get some hands-on experience with the animals and become educated while they have fun.  After the kids get tired be sure to see the lagoon and if you are up for it take a paddle boat out for spin and enjoy the spectacular view of the Chicago Skyline. 


On a hot summer day an ice cream or cold drink from one of the shops really hits the spot.  Souvenir t-shirts, toys and more are also available.  To learn more about the zoo visit



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