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Chicago Cultural Center


A walk through the city's past and an opportunity to revel in the ever-evolving and growing culture of Chicago await with the CCC!


Nestled within the skyline is the welcoming and humbling Chicago Cultural Center.  Whether you have a taste for interactive art exhibits, soaring architecture, theaters for community dance recitals or simply a beautiful place to take a break, the CCC is an excellent stop on any tour of the city.  A gem for visitors and natives alike, this building is located along Michigan Avenue directly across from Millenium Park.  It's exterior alone is worth a visit, but the Center is accesible, engaging, and a place to explore in its own right.  The staircases take you through each level, but of course, there are elevators for those who need or prefer to leave the hike to others! 


The first floor hallways are always in a duelling match, with one offering a permanent display of architectural points of interest throughout the city while the other is constantly bringing in new artwork from the city and around the world.  Also located on the first floor is the tourist center, with brochures and friendly help readily available for those who want to create their own plan for treading the streets of downtown and beyond.   


On the third floor is the majestic Preston Bradley Hall.  the glass dome in the center of the hall is made of Tiffany glass and provides excellent acoustics for the many performances and rehearsals held throughout the year.  Mosaic lovers, and casual observers, will appreciate the fantastic and intricate work on the walls, celings, and even floors.  Hebrew, Greek, German, English, and Spanish are only a few of the languages which grace the walls and archways of the hall, reminding every visitor that this building is a fantastic place for multi cultural immersion.   The CCC is also home to several organizations, one of which is the Chicago Children's Choir.  The fiflth floor is the headquarters for this city-wide choir, one that has toured Japan, Italy, South Africa, Germany, Great Britan, Canada, Mexico, and has done many national tours.  Read on for in depth information on these and many more features of the Chicago Cultural Center!


Written by Christina Ramirez - Chicagoan